India vs South Africa, Highlights, 3rd Test, Day 3, Full Cricket Score: Proteas 101/2 at stumps, need 111 to win

India vs South Africa, Highlights, 3rd Test, Day 3, Full Cricket Score: Proteas 101/2 at stumps, need 111 to win

India vs South Africa, Highlights, 3rd Test, Day 3, Full Cricket Score: Proteas 101/2 at stumps, need 111 to win

21:41 (IST)

Phew! What a day that turned out to be! From Rishabh Pant's heroic ton, the solid partnership between Elgar and Petersen for the second wicket to the constant chirping from Kohli and Co. South Africa, at one point, looked like they were running away with the game, but Elgar's wicket at the stroke of stumps certainly has breathed life into the game from India's perspective and they will head back to their hotel pumped up. Petersen's a couple of runs away from bringing up a second consecutive half-century, and will play a key role in the Proteas' chase tomorrow, but an early wicket or two could certainly tilt the momentum in favour of the Indians.

That's it from us in our coverage of Day 3 of the third Test. Do join us tomorrow for the fourth day's coverage. This is Amit Banerjee signing off!

21:31 (IST)

After 29.4 overs,South Africa 101/2 (Keegan Petersen 48)

OUT! Jasprit Bumrah with the breakthrough, as Dean Elgar departs for 30! Boy is the Indian team is elated at the moment. Wasn't the best of deliveries from the Indian pace spearhead, but one that got the result nevertheless. Full delivery going down leg, Elgar looks to nudge this behind square, and appears to get a deflection. Pant starts appealing right after it lands in his gloves, and Kohli takes this upstairs. UltraEdge confirms the spike, and the Indians are ecstatic. With the wicket, it's STUMPS ON DAY 3! 

Elgar c Pant b Bumrah 30(96)

21:24 (IST)

After 29 overs,South Africa 101/1 ( Dean Elgar (C) 30 , Keegan Petersen 48)

Shami replaces Ashwin. FOUR! Length ball takes off and Petersen manages to get a bit of bat to it, guiding it past the keeper towards the fine leg fence for a boundary. Petersen then brings up the 100 for the Proteas with a brace next ball, being denied a boundary after an agile stop at cover. Six from the over. South Africa need another 111 to win with nine wickets in hand.

21:21 (IST)

After 28 overs,South Africa 95/1 ( Dean Elgar (C) 30 , Keegan Petersen 42)

Maiden for Bumrah. Appeal for LBW against Elgar in the last delivery, but the umpire turns it down. The Indians too decide against reviewing it. “Going over the shoulder,” quips a sarcastic Kohli, still fuming from the LBW decision getting overturned off Ashwin’s bowling earlier.

21:16 (IST)

After 27 overs,South Africa 95/1 ( Dean Elgar (C) 30 , Keegan Petersen 42)

Petersen collects back-to-back boundaries off Ashwin, moving to 40 in the process. Reverse-sweeps through backward point off the second delivery, followed by a solid square cut. Collects a brace off the fourth. 10 from the over.

21:13 (IST)

After 26 overs,South Africa 85/1 ( Dean Elgar (C) 30 , Keegan Petersen 32)

Two runs added to the South African total in this over, including a leg bye in the first delivery.

21:12 (IST)

Frustration starting to creep into the Indian camp now

21:09 (IST)

After 25 overs,South Africa 83/1 ( Dean Elgar (C) 30 , Keegan Petersen 31)

Ashwin continues from the other end, with Elgar and Petersen currently in cruise mode. Five from the over, both batters collecting a double each and are batting in the 30s.

21:05 (IST)

After 24 overs,South Africa 78/1 ( Dean Elgar (C) 27 , Keegan Petersen 29)

Bumrah brought back from the Wynberg End. Petersen pushes the ball down the ground in the fourth delivery, coming back for a third to bring up the fifty stand with Petersen for the second wicket. Elgar collects a single off the fifth, before Petersen ends the over with a solid punch through cover for a boundary. Eight from the over.

21:02 (IST)

Fifty partnership up between Elgar and Petersen for the second wicket! The latter goes for a straight drive off Bumrah, coming back for a third as Shardul puts in a slide near the boundary to save a run. SA 73/1

21:00 (IST)

After 23 overs,South Africa 70/1 ( Dean Elgar (C) 27 , Keegan Petersen 22)

Tidy over from Ashwin, collecting his first maiden in his fourth over. Both batters fairly set at the moment in the 20s right now.

20:58 (IST)

Literally everyone RN

20:58 (IST)

After 22 overs,South Africa 70/1 ( Dean Elgar (C) 27 , Keegan Petersen 22)

The Proteas rub salt into India’s wounds after getting the LBW overturned in the previous over as both Elgar and Petersen collect a boundary each off Thakur’s bowling in the next over. 10 from the over. Partnership currently worth 47.

20:52 (IST)

After 21 overs,South Africa 60/1 ( Dean Elgar (C) 22 , Keegan Petersen 17)

Ashwin bowls from round the wicket to Elgar with two slips in place. The two balls collect a single each before Ashwin successfully appeals for LBW against Elgar. The SA skipper takes this upstairs, and HawkEye shows the ball travelling over the stumps, much to everyone’s surprise. India’s search for the breakthrough continues. Two from the over.

20:47 (IST)

After 20 overs,South Africa 58/1 ( Dean Elgar (C) 21 , Keegan Petersen 16)

Petersen cops a painful blow on the glove after the ball takes off in the third delivery, the extra bounce taking him by surprise. Needs a quick look from the physio. Petersen blocks the remaining deliveries away after recovering from the hit. Maiden for Shardul.

20:45 (IST)

Plenty of entertainment at the Newlands right now

20:39 (IST)

After 19 overs,South Africa 58/1 ( Dean Elgar (C) 21 , Keegan Petersen 16)

Petersen drives the ball down the ground off the third delivery, collecting a single. Two slips in place for Elgar, who blocks his way through the remaining deliveries.

20:37 (IST)

After 18 overs,South Africa 57/1 ( Dean Elgar (C) 21 , Keegan Petersen 15)

Thakur continues from the other end. Edged… and safe! Outside edge off Elgar’s bat falls short of Pujara, and then runs away to the third man fence for four. The Proteas will happily accept those runs however they come.

20:34 (IST)

After 17 overs,South Africa 53/1 ( Dean Elgar (C) 17 , Keegan Petersen 15)

Ashwin replaces Umesh after the drinks interval. Petersen rocks back and cuts the ball through point off the first delivery, bringing up the team fifty with a boundary. Partnership worth 30 at the moment, and it will be starting to look ominous for the visitors now.

20:31 (IST)

After 16 overs,South Africa 49/1 ( Dean Elgar (C) 17 , Keegan Petersen 11)

Thakur continues after drinks. Two from the over, with Elgar collecting a brace off the last ball after working the ball through the cover region.

20:21 (IST)

After 15 overs,South Africa 46/1 ( Dean Elgar (C) 15 , Keegan Petersen 11)

Elgar and Petersen collect a single each in this over, accumulating runs at a steady pace. Umesh oversteps in the final delivery. Three from the over. Time for the players to enjoy some refreshments on the field.

20:16 (IST)

After 14 overs,South Africa 44/1 ( Dean Elgar (C) 14 , Keegan Petersen 10)

Change from both ends, with Shardul Thakur being introduced from the Kelvin Grove End in place of Shami. Petersen moves to double figures with a single off the first ball. Couple of straight drives off Elgar’s bat in the fourth and fifth deliveries, getting cut off at mid off on each occasion. One from the over.

20:13 (IST)

After 13 overs,South Africa 43/1 ( Dean Elgar (C) 14 , Keegan Petersen 9)

First bowling change of the innings, with Umesh Yadav coming in after a six-over spell to Bumrah. Two from the over, with Elgar collecting a double in the penultimate delivery.

20:08 (IST)

After 12 overs,South Africa 41/1 ( Dean Elgar (C) 12 , Keegan Petersen 9)

Two from the over, with Petersen collecting a double with a flick through the square leg region off the first ball.

20:03 (IST)

After 11 overs,South Africa 39/1 ( Dean Elgar (C) 12 , Keegan Petersen 7)

Expensive over from Bumrah. Outside edge off Elgar’s bat sends the ball flying through the gap between gully and third slip. Collects a single next ball. Petersen then punches the ball through the covers, comfortably coming back for a third. Eight from the over.

20:00 (IST)

After 10 overs,South Africa 31/1 ( Dean Elgar (C) 7 , Keegan Petersen 4)

Shami bowls over the wicket to Elgar in this over. The South African skipper collects a single off the fourth delivery, the only run conceded by Shami in this over.

19:55 (IST)

After 9 overs,South Africa 30/1 ( Dean Elgar (C) 6 , Keegan Petersen 4)

Bit of delay in proceedings two deliveries into Bumrah’s fifth over, some issues with the sight screen apparently. Elgar nicks the third delivery towards the slip cordon, where the ball falls just short of Pujara at first slip. Elgar clips the ball through midwicket off the fifth delivery, pushing for a third and getting there in the end. FOUR! Keegan Petersen gets off the mark with a boundary off a punch down the ground. Seven from the over.

19:47 (IST)

After 8 overs,South Africa 23/1 ( Dean Elgar (C) 3 , Keegan Petersen 0)

Markram collects a streaky boundary off the second delivery, but perishes right after as he gets a thick outside edge to get caught at second slip. Keegan Petersen, who starred in the previous innings with a heroic 72, walks in next. Four runs and a wicket from Shami’s fourth over.

19:45 (IST)

OUT! Mohammed Shami with the early breakthrough! Markram pays the price for taking a risk too many. Just the previous delivery he had nicked the ball through the gap between third slip and gully. Goes for a similar shot next up, this time the edge carrying towards third slip where Rahul leaps to his left to complete a good catch. Disappointing series for Markram, though he's still a long way off from getting replaced. SA 23/1

Markram c Rahul b Shami 16(22)

19:39 (IST)

After 7 overs,South Africa 19/0 ( Aiden Markram 12 , Dean Elgar (C) 3)

Bumrah squares Elgar up with a length ball angled across the line — the delivery that has had the South African captain dismissed twice in this series. Fortunately for Elgar, it goes past the edge. Tidy over from Bumrah, his second maiden. Plenty of chatter around the stumps at the moment, with Kohli doing quite the job in firing his team up with words.

19:36 (IST)

After 6 overs,South Africa 19/0 ( Aiden Markram 12 , Dean Elgar (C) 3)

FOUR! Markram moves into double figures in quick time, steering the ball through the gap between gully and third slip off the last delivery of this over. He’ll certainly hope to make up for the low scores throughout the series with a match-winning knock in the run chase.

19:33 (IST)

After 5 overs,South Africa 15/0 ( Aiden Markram 8 , Dean Elgar (C) 3)

Tidy over from Bumrah as he collects the first maiden of the innings. Confident start for the Proteas in their run chase so far, with Markram collecting a couple of boundaries already.

19:24 (IST)

After 3 overs,South Africa 11/0 ( Aiden Markram 4 , Dean Elgar (C) 3)

Bumrah into the attack again for his second over. Shami had conceded just the single off Elgar in the previous over. Elgar gets his first boundary, finding the fine leg fence. He looks to tickle this one fine but does not get the bat on it, but the ball hits the pad and onto fine leg fence for four leg-byes. Six off the over. 

19:15 (IST)

South Africa 4/0 after 1 over (Markram 4, Elgar 0) 

South Africa's chase of 212 is underway. Bumrah with the ball first up, with Markram facing him. Dean Elgar is the other batter at the non-striker's end. Markram opens his, as well as Proteas account, with a boundary, finding the third man fence. 

19:05 (IST)

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18:55 (IST)

After 67.3 overs,India 198/10 ( Rishabh Pant (W) 100 , )

Wide called in the second delivery after the bouncer by Jansen is deemed too high. Bumrah lofts the ball over mid off for a brace off the third, getting off the mark in the process, before perishing next ball after getting a thick top-edge, resulting in a simple catch for Bavuma at point. Pant remains unbeaten on 100, as India set South Africa 212 to win.

Time for the players to take tea.

18:51 (IST)

OUT! JANSEN REMOVES BUMRAH! India have been bowled out for 198, with South Africa being set 212 to win! All 20 Indian wickets to fall in this Test have been caught, a rare moment in the sport. Pant walks back to the pavilion unbeaten on 100, getting a standing ovation on his way back.

Bumrah c Bavuma b Jansen 2(5)

18:49 (IST)

After 67 overs,India 195/9 ( Rishabh Pant (W) 100 , Jasprit Bumrah 0)

Maiden for Rabada, his fifth of the innings so far, as Pant pokes around without intending to set off for a run.

18:48 (IST)

Pant's a different beast around this time of the year

18:48 (IST)

A very, very special knock from Pant indeed!

18:46 (IST)

After 66 overs,India 195/9 ( Rishabh Pant (W) 100 , Jasprit Bumrah 0)

Just the one from the over, perhaps the most important single in the day so far — one that brings up Pant’s fourth Test hundred. Jansen, meanwhile, starts dishing out short balls to Bumrah, with whom he’s been having a heated battle in this series, following his short deliveries up with a glare. Meanwhile, the second session has been extended by another 30 minutes with just one wicket left to end the innings.

18:44 (IST)

CENTURY FOR RISHABH PANT! What a knock this has been from the wicketkeeper-batter, who has stood tall in the face of some hostile stuff from the Proteas attack, especially in the post-lunch session! Takes 133 deliveries to bring up the milestone for the fourth time in Test cricket, smashing six fours and four sixes along the way! IND 195/9

18:40 (IST)

After 65 overs,India 194/9 ( Rishabh Pant (W) 99 , Jasprit Bumrah 0)

FOUR! Pant moves to 98 with a wild slog down the ground off the second ball, the ball landing just short of Bavuma at long off, going under him and crossing the boundary rope. Pant moves to 99 with a single off the last ball. Looks like one more over before tea.

18:35 (IST)

After 64 overs,India 189/9 ( Rishabh Pant (W) 94 , Jasprit Bumrah 0)

South Africa burn a review after an appeal for caught-behind against Pant at the start of the over. Pant was looking to scoop this towards fine leg, and the ball brushes his pocket before landing in the keeper’s gloves. Pant collects a single off the fifth delivery, with Shami getting dismissed off the last ball, getting a top-edge off a short ball that results in a simple catch for van der Dussen. A run and a wicket from this over.

18:34 (IST)

OUT! Jansen bounces Shami out! Fires a short one aimed at the tail-ender's rib cage, and Shami ends up getting a top-edge that lobs the ball over for a simple catch near short leg. Third wicket for Jansen. India one wicket away from getting bowled out now. IND 189/9

Shami c van der Dussen b Jansen 0(10)

18:30 (IST)

After 63 overs,India 188/8 ( Rishabh Pant (W) 93 , Mohammed Shami 0)

Pant sets off for a single in the fourth delivery after guiding the ball through point. Shami nearly offers short leg a catch in the fifth ball, before blocking the last delivery. Another 15 minutes to go for tea. Can India hold on till then?

18:22 (IST)

After 62 overs,India 187/8 ( Rishabh Pant (W) 92 , Mohammed Shami 0)

Jansen replaces Olivier. Pant pulls hard in front of square at the start of the over, refusing the single. Attempts a reverse scoop against Jansen next ball — not only does he miss, but loses his balance and falls on his back. Pant tucks the ball towards square leg in the fourth delivery to move into the 90s. Collects a single next ball to keep the scoreboard ticking, with Shami blocking the last delivery. Three from the over. India's lead, meanwhile is exactly 200 right now.

18:19 (IST)

After 61 overs,India 184/8 ( Rishabh Pant (W) 89 , Mohammed Shami 0)

DROPPED! Maharaj puts down a chance near deep point after a mishit by Pant, who gets a reprieve 12 runs short of a ton. Rabada bowls a wide two deliveries later. Pant slashes the ball hard through point off the fourth, but only collects a single after Maharaj puts in a slide near the boundary. Shami blocks the last two balls. Two from the over.

18:14 (IST)

After 60 overs,India 182/8 ( Rishabh Pant (W) 88 , Mohammed Shami 0)

Olivier continues. The ball flies out of Pant’s hand after the keeper-batter attempts a wild heave, the blade ultimately landing in the square leg region while the ball flies towards sweeper point. No ball in the this delivery, followed by a single to Pant off the fourth. Mohammed Shami, the new batter at the crease, tickles the ball towards fine leg in the last ball, but doesn’t run. Two from the over.

18:09 (IST)

After 59 overs,India 180/8 ( Rishabh Pant (W) 87 , Mohammed Shami 0)

Rabada replaces Ngidi, and strikes right away as Umesh falls for a 10-ball duck after getting an outside edge off a full delivery bowled outside off. Wicket maiden for KG.

India vs South Africa, Live Cricket Score, 3rd Test at Cape Town, Day 3, Latest Scorecard and Updates: OUT! Jasprit Bumrah with the breakthrough, as Dean Elgar departs for 30 at the stroke of stumps on Day 3. The Proteas end the day on 101/2, needing another 111 to win with two days left in the series decider.

Day 2 report: India was 57-2 in its second innings at stumps Wednesday for a lead of 70 runs over South Africa in the decisive final test.

The game progressed rapidly on Day 2 at Newlands after South Africa started on 17-1 in its first innings and was bundled out for 210.

Fast bowler Jasprit Bumrah was India's star again with 5-42 as South Africa threatened to overhaul India's first innings of 223, then tumbled under the pressure created by Bumrah.

The Proteas went from 159-4 to 210 all out in the kind of collapse that has dominated the series because of the two strong bowling lineups.

India vs South Africa 2022, 3rd Test at Cape Town

Keegan Petersen made 72 for South Africa but the next highest score for South Africa was 28 by Temba Bavuma.

Petersen was one of Bumrah's five, a ball that angled in and moved off the seam to catch an outside edge and travel to Cheteshwar Pujara at first slip.

India extended its advantage to 70 by stumps but at the expense of losing both openers.

Virat Kohli, back in the team after missing the second test with injury, was 14 not out after top-scoring in the first innings with 79. Pujara was with him on 9.

Kagiso Rabada and Marco Jansen had struck for South Africa but India had a strong chance at a first test series win ever in South Africa if it took its lead past 200.

The three-test series is level at 1-1, setting up the series finale at Newlands in Cape Town.

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