93-Year-Old Man's Body Found In Fridge In Telangana

93-Year-Old Man's Body Found In Fridge In Telangana

Hyderabad: In a horrendous episode, a man in Telangana purportedly kept the body of his 93-year-old granddad inside the cooler as he didn't have the cash to play out his last customs. 

Police looked through the house at Parkala in Warangal after neighbors purportedly griped about a foul smell. During the hunt, the police group discovered a breaking down body inside the fridge. 

The retiree and his grandson Nikhil have been remaining on the lease at the premises and are said to have been getting by on the benefits of the old man. 

"The man told police that his granddad was out of commission and kicked the bucket of weakness as of late. After the passing, he had at first wrapped the body with a bedsheet and later kept the body in the ice chest. He told police he did this as he couldn't play out the last customs as he didn't have cash," a police official said. 

Nikhil, 23, allegedly told the police his granddad had kicked the bucket three days prior and that he chose to place the body in the ice chest as he didn't have cash for the last rituals.