Why to read books?

This article tells you the advantages of reading books in your daily life.

Why to read books?

In today's life many movies come with a great impact on lives of people. Have you ever wondered how a person could imagine those scenes in movies? I started with the same cause searching how could somebody imagine all things in one single brain.

       After watching some movies based on novels, I started reading books and it was like finding a sharpener to sharpen my pencil of imagination. A curious thinker awoke in me while reading a book as I was not able to read a whole book in one single day. The curious thinker imagined various forms of the upcoming story and made me to create hundreds of more stories all day. At the end when I sat to complete the book, I just sensed that none of my imaginery situations were met in the story and I felt like "We may think 100 twists in our life, but god's plan stands at 101th".

       Another experience of mine was overcoming sleeplessness. Before going to bed everyday I was checking my phone for only 5 minutes, but magically it was crossing 100 minutes. Waking up was also the same story. I'd snooze alarm promising myself to wake up after 5 minutes, but, magically it was also crossing over 100 minutes. This made the whole day to go tough a lot. Reading a book made me overcome this problem also. Any human can concentrate on one thing for only 10 minutes. Reading a book before going to bed, made the sleep to pass completely through my eyes and to my body very easily. These made my days better than before as a sound mind in a sound body.

       Many people say "Everything is already written in a book". I hope your chapter of Start to read books is also written which you'll see in coming days. Thanks for reding till here.