Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions
“We”, “our”, and “us” refers to the AI News welcome to Terms and Conditions of the same. Please read
all the mentioned rules carefully, as the same has to be followed till you use the services provided by AI
 Our AI News team is developed with a focus to provide the public an update on current
happening around the globe and providing a dedicated platform for the talented writers who have a
true passion and are on the way to reaching their voice to people through their effective phrases and
Anybody following the https://ainews.net.in/ can visit the site. For viewing the contents in detail and
performing additional operations, we request you to create and access an account whenever it is

Account responsibilities of the holder
By signing up, creating an account, and logging in, you agree to the terms and conditions of AI News. As
an account holder and a member of AI News, you are responsible for the happenings in the account
which include the creation, alteration, posting, sharing of information, updating account details, etc.
We strongly recommend providing all working emails during the creation of the mail as we may send
notifications with priorities to notify you. We also recommend not to share the credentials of the
account you own with any other person with or without relationship in personal as the same may lead
to misuse of the account and data associated with it.

Intellectual property rights
As blogs are considered the most creative things that are created by the people. If the copying and
posting of the blogs exist from either AI News to the other site or from other sites to AI News or even
transferring the content from AI News to other blog posting sites will lead to the violation of the
intellectual property rights which can lead to the termination of account with immediate actions of legal
If you ever feel or identify that your blogs have been copied by somebody else not only inside AI News
but also if you find your original content posted on AI News is published on any other site kindly feel free
to contact the AI News team before reporting the same in outsource by emailing us
on support@ainews.net.in or contact us on +91 1234567890.

Blogs, Posts, and Comments
As you are aware that you are bound by the terms and conditions of AI News we recommend you to
carefully analyze the content either in blogs, posts, and comments that you have created and then post
the same on the AI News blog post since you can post content in the form of text, image, URL links and
much more. We from AI News prohibit some of the contents which cannot be posted for the safety and
security of the people the society. Those contents include:
 Promotion of usage of drugs, smoking alcohol, and other similar items
 Portraying a person, religion, state, language, culture, attire, etc negatively.
 Promotion to put the weight of harm on a person, organization, religion, etc
 Educating and promoting illegal activities through blogs
 Sharing adult-rated content including matters related to sex etc.
 Sharing a content that may create a strike in a peaceful society
 Posting content promoting and providing information about terrorism
The mentioned contents can be treated just as an example which will be extended based on the
situations shortly.

Acceptable Usage Policy
As you create an account and start to use the services, you automatically accept the usage policy
created by AI News and are bound to it until you stop using the services or your account is terminated.
The following are the rules and regulations that have to be followed by a person with a live account in AI
 Verify that you are a human, not a robot
 All updates happening in your account are under your surveillance and you are the one who
holds the responsibility for the actions on the account.
 Do not share the credentials of your account with anybody
 Post the contents that create a healthy society
 Never post an abusive content that may personally or socially leave a black mark
 Do not violate the rules associated with intellectual rights that are either related to AI News or
any other site

Links to Other Sites
We from AI News have integrated some of the third-party sites’ links to make the share module easier.
We have integrated various social media sites’ links to AI News like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,
Whatsapp, Pinterest, and Tumbler to make sure that reaching the maximum number of people is made
at its best and easy.
Advertising through writer’s content:
We from AI News would like to inform you that the blogs you post can promote a product or a service
through content like writing a blog on a subject that focuses on reviewing a particular product or
service. But we would like to request you to provide the content based on the pros and cons and also do
not violate the sales of the product in negative progression.
Third-party advertisements:
We would like to also inform you that ads for third-party products and services will appear on the site
while readers read the content published by you and this is legally approved by the AI news backend

Our liabilities:
We at AI News would like to inform you that violating the following parameters can lead to an issue of
liability. We recommend you to read the following points carefully with clear attention as a violation of
these parameters can include termination of the account, civil actions, and legal actions.
Correctness of information shared: We recommend you to share content if and only if the content
contains only true information.
Being generic and safe: Do not specify any company/organization, person, or any other thing and
become the red hat target.
Good practice of journalistic: Always have a habit of telling a story from each perspective.
Care about repetition: Be sure about the content you post. If false content is posted, you may lose your
Always give credits when required: Have a habit of thanksgiving the inspiration of your content.

Viruses, Malware, and Security
Posting the images, text URLs, and other clickable things on your content that may cause collateral
damage to the online life of the person reading your blog and turn into a victim are never tolerated.
Posting viruses/malware that can cause abuse with readers’ devices or any other related things in the
real-world entity or virtual entity is strictly prohibited.