A special meeting of like-minded people of Ediga Billava Namadhari Deevaru and OBCs

Date:- September 9, 2023, Saturday. Venue:- Palace Grounds, Gate No. Three White Petal Hall.

A special meeting of like-minded people of Ediga Billava Namadhari Deevaru and OBCs

Among the many clans, Karnataka state has a population of around 70 lakhs, including Ediga Billava Namdhari Deevaru, Mr. Late Bangarappa as the Chief Minister of the State, Mr. RL Jalappa as Union Minister, Mr. Janardhan Pujari as the Minister of Lok Sabha and State Ministers as Ministers in various Governments. But now we have to notice that the political development of the political leaders of the Billava society is not tolerated and the voices of our social leaders in all parties are suppressed and they are kept away from their political power positions. That is why our clansmen are on the street, we have to be careful. All of you must have noticed that there are organizations and struggles across the country under the leadership of Sri Sri Sri Pranavananda Mahaswamy. Brahmashree Narayan Guru has now developed and started genealogical study on behalf of all of us, but it is our responsibility to increase the power of political leaders, If we want to gain socio-economic power, we must first have politics. Any party is not important to us, the political leaders of the society should get political positions from the stronghold of the main society and then we need to make the political leaders who have forgotten our society aware that those who are not of the state cannot become Chief Ministers from one society. Therefore, a great struggle has to be started in the state with the support of the most backward classes and equals. The leadership of this struggle must now be led by the political leaders of the Billava society. Before the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, the strength of our society is shown through the state's big self-esteem convention. There is a need to show the power to the central and state governments. Its preliminary meeting will be held on Saturday 9th September at Palace Grounds Gate Number Three White Petal Hall. There are many challenges ahead of us we have to walk on a rocky path but with the blessings of Brahmashree Narayana Guru, Mother Yellamma Devi, Tulunadu Veera Koti Chennaiah, let us get our right and let us do social service. Brahmashree Narayana Guru Shaktipeetha, Rashtriya Ediga Mahamandali Come and bring your own.

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